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Flight Progress Strips or Flightstrips (FPS) are the primary visual aid used by an Air Traffic Controller to separate and sequence aircraft. Each Flightstrip carries all the information a controller needs to know about a flight, and as instructions and information is given to the pilot, these are also recorded on the Flightstrip Paper. These Flightstrip papers have been in use for many years - they are simple, easy to use, and not susceptible to computer or power failure. Flightstrips contain only the necessary data to handle the flight, Aircraft ID Type Aircraft Beacon Code Proposed Time Requested Altitude Route of Flight, they do not contain complete flight plan information. Go to our Flightstrips page for more details
Flight Strip Holders or Flight Progress Strip Holders (FPSH) carry the Flightstrip Papers. Some of our range of Flightstrip Holders / Flight Progress Strip Holders are listed on Flightstrip Holder page. We have the most common variants available but can design and produce specials and manufacture small batches to order if required. These units are precision moulded from high quality polypropylene, or equivalent, and are designed to accept the rigours of continuous use in the Air Traffic Control environment.
Flight Progress Strip Racks We can supply free standing racks or panels to fit into existing consoles in various sizes. Let us know your requirements and we will send a quotation.
10 x 2 free standing rack
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Flight Strips / Flightstrips in ATC Desk
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ASFT Airport Runway Friction Measuring Equipment There is an operational need for reliable and uniform information concerning the friction characteristics of runways. Contaminants such as rubber deposits, dust particles, jet fuel, oil spillage, water, snow, ice and slush all cause friction loss on runway pavement surfaces.
Airport Surface Tester AB (ASFT AB) is the world's leading manufacturer of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CMFE).

ASFT Runway Friction measuring equipment has been approved by the FAA and the ICAO and is currently in use at more than 200 airports in Europe, Norh America, Asia and Australia. ASFT AB can supply friction measuring equipment to meet the needs of any airport.

When the ASFT is used for operational measuring short reporting time and reliable documentation are essential. With the optional radio link (friction data transmitter) friction values can be transmitted to the ATC/Runway Maintenance Department within a few seconds. The data storing facilities and the software make the ASFT a valuable tool for runway maintenance planning and budgeting.
Let us know your requirements and we will send a quotation.
Whether you are a large or small user we supply worldwide.
Flight Progress Strip Holders / Flightstrip Holders and Flight Progress Strips or Flightstrips (FPS) can also be purchased OnLine from our store at
Buy Flightstrip Holders, Thermal Flightstrip Paper, Flight Strip Racks online at our shop
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